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Hello! This is the official wiki dedicated to Team Switched's fangame, TS!UNDERSWAP.

We're currently a work-in-progress, so feel free to contribute any public information regarding the game!

Submission Rules
When submitting content to this wiki, you must follow these guidelines:

1.) Only contribute canon information. In other words, do not submit false information regarding TS!UNDERSWAP to this wiki--only information that has been released by the developers. Make sure to include references for information contributed to the wiki!

2.) In addition to rule 1, please do not contribute completely irrelevant information, as this Wiki page is obviously meant for TS!UNDERSWAP and not any other subject.

3.) Please make sure to use proper formatting when making pages. If you're confused, please reference existing pages on what they should look like.

4.) We need more rules! If you have any ideas, please contribute them.

Failure to follow above guidelines when submitting content to this wiki will result in the page's deletion or modification. Repeat offences will result in a ban.

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