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Sir Scratchalot is a robotic DJ/radio show host, and a major character encountered in TS!Underswap.



Robot Form

As a robot, Sir Scratchalot is composed of a head in the shape of a speaker with a screen displaying his face, a torso with two metallic arms, and a wheel for moving around. His face is composed by a handlebar mustache and two eyes, the left one having a monocle over it. He carries a staff, and wears a blue top hat and cape, resembling a 1900's Sack Suit.

Ghost form



While not much is known about Sir Scratchalot's behavior, it has been confirmed by the developers that he will have "old timey" characteristics.

Main Story




  • Sir Scratchalot is confirmed as the canon name for Napstablook's robot form. [1]
  • On July 4, 2017, Sir Scratchalot's name and design silhouette were included in the thumbnail of a TS!Underswap fan-song by SoundCloud user Gibus, called "13th Friday Blues - Mechanical Swing And All That Jazz." This was done years before their official public release, with the thumbnail made by Beethovenus as an easter egg. [2]
  • Sir Scratchalot will not have an "EX" form like Mettaton; instead, he will have something "different than one would expect." [3]
  • In terms of appearance, personality, and music, Sir Scratchalot will have an "old-timey" feel. [4]
  • Sir Scratchalot's design is inspired by the Securitrons from the "Fallout Series". [5]