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― Papyrus,

Papyrus is the brother of Sans and a major character in TS!Underswap. He works as an inventor, assisting his brother in his work as Crossbones.



Papyrus wears a red and white hoodie with the Delta Rune emblazoned on the back, along with blue shorts and red high tops.


Papyrus has a goofy, quirky personality. He also seems to be flamboyant and narcissistic, as he was upset over not having made an appearance in the demo, as revealed in the credits. After being comforted by his brother by saying this would mean he would have a grand entrance, he is excited and spins out of view, showing a hyper persona as well.

Papyrus appears to be quite generous, as he tends to help others. Normally, it is designing and inventing gadgets for Crossbones to use.

Despite his self absorbed personality, Papyrus does acknowledge what others have achieved. As such he is proud of his brother's heroic duties as a vigilante even though his laziness sometimes frustrates him.

Main Story

While he doesn't appear in the demo, he makes an appearance in the True Pacifist post-credits scene. He is sore over having not yet made an appearance in the game, but is then comforted by his brother.



  • His current design was inspired by lead-namari. [1]
  • Rather than having a cigarette like his classic Underswap counterpart, he has a lollipop in his mouth. Originally a joke reference, it later became part of the design. This was also due to how smoking is uncharacteristic of Papyrus. [2]
  • His lollipop has the flavor of his favorite food, oatmeal with dinosaur eggs.[3] [4]
  • Papyrus's jacket was a gift from Undyne, as a keepsake from his time working as part of the Royal Science Division. [5]
  • Papyrus is familiar with Muffet, and even though he finds her creepy, he has purchased goods from her Spider Scouts. [6]
  • Instead of aiming to join the Royal Navy, he decided to become a member of the Royal Science Division in order to help monsterkind through his inventions. [7]
  • He helps Crossbones by developing trinkets and gadgets as technological support when the vigilante's fighting crime.[8]