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Moldsmal is an enemy you find later on in Ruined Home. Its one of the original enemies from Undertale.



Moldsmal is some sort of green mold like monster that constantly wiggles from side to side.


Not much is known about Moldsmal's personality aside from that it seems to like to wiggle with others even if they aren't from the same species.

Main Story

Moldsmal starts appearing after Chara deals with the Ruined Knights.

In Battle

Can appear with

  • Another Moldsmal
  • 2 other Moldsmals


  • Mini Moldsmals appear from above, these start dividing into even smaller Moldsmals the more they are out.
  • (Only happens when Moldsmal is with another Moldsmal)The same attack but it takes longer for the Moldsmals to divide.

How to spare it

Moldsmal lets you spare it the moment the battle starts.


  • *Slimy noises* (Neutral)
  • Glub grubble! (Neutral)
  • Blurrrrrbb! (Neutral)
  • Gurgle? (Neutral)
  • *saucy wiggle* (Neutral)
  • Wherlulerb... (Poke)
  • Blubglub!! (Imitate)

Flavor Text:

  • Curvaceously attractive, but doesn't seem too bright. (Check)
  • I've tripped over a Moldsmal. (Encounter)
  • The scent of limes hits me like a bus. It's a couple of Moldsmal. (Encounter with 2 Moldsmals)
  • Moldsmal jiggles from side to side. (Neutral)
  • Moldsmal is ruminating. (Neutral)
  • Moldsmal wriggles about curiously. (Neutral)
  • I detect the faintest smell of lemons. (Neutral)
  • Moldsmal and its cohort jiggle from side to side (Only with another Moldsmal)
  • Smells like lemon and lime. (Only with another Moldsmal)
  • I reach out and poke Moldsmal. It jiggles in response. (Poke)
  • I make some gurgling noises to communicate with Moldsmal... I don't know what I just said, but it seems happy. (Imitate)



  1. One of the members of The Greasers is a Moldsmal.
  2. Moldsmal is one of the only enemies that can be spared at the start of the fight.