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Koffin-K is an original character, and a miniboss encountered in TS!Underswap. He is the arch nemesis of Crossbones, and the main inhabitant of Koffin Keep.



Koffin’s outfit consists of a long trench coat with a pink brown waistband, big buttons lining up along the chest area, and a big, brown, bat shaped bowtie at the neck. They also have on a large fedora with big, expressive eyes on the brim, peeking out from behind a pair of small, classy shades. In the neck-flaps of the coat and beneath the had are two smaller eyes that may or may not give some sort of clue as to the count's true form, but to this day, they're only known for their jacketed form.


The count is likely very evil and greedy. Not much is known about him yet.

Main Story




  • Koffin-K's name is a reference to a former team member's name, "Coffe-K" (now known as "Robin Blend") [1]
  • The original theme for Koffin Keep (then known as Koffin-K Island), Koffin-K Island by Grassinio, included the "Forlorn" motif from Undertale Yellow
  • The previous theme for Koffin Keep (then known as Koffin-K Island), "Koffin-K Island" by Grassinio, included the motif "Forlorn" from Undertale Yellow as a reference to their character, Dalv. This was due to Koffin-K's association with bats, and as a nod to a fellow fan-game. [2]
  • His personality is confirmed to take inspiration from those of The Snatcher from A Hat in Time and Antasma from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
  • As of August 2021, Koffin-K's backstory has been finalized, with his previous backstory being scrapped. [3]
    • His previous backstory was as follows: What started out as good-intentioned became a selfish pursuit for wealth and power. Koffin-K transformed his once poverty-ridden island into a criminal empire, draining its resources and stealing from other islands. By using his lackeys to take the fall for his crimes, the Royal Navy isn’t able to touch him. And so, the Starlight Saviour took it into his own hands to stop him. [4]


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