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Flowey is a major character first encountered at the end of Ruined Home.



Flowey's appearance is of a golden flower. His structure has a white androecium, six sharp yellow petals, and a light green stem.


Not much of Flowey's personality is known at the moment. He seems to act like he did in Undertale--very condescending and confident, being able to scare the Temmies off--while being seemingly friendlier.

Main Story

Nothing much is known about Flowey. However, when Temmie attempts to kill Chara at the end of Ruined Home, Flowey will then save Chara. On the Pacifist and Neutral routes, the Temmies will flee as a result. On a Genocide route, however, the sole Temmie will attempt to murder both Flowey and Chara before being thrown away by one of Flowey's bullets.



  • Just like his canon counterpart, Flowey retains his memory after a RESET. It is unknown why in this case.
  • Unlike traditional Underswap, there is only one Flowey.
  • The Flowey in this universe isn't a reincarnation of Asriel, as the latter is still alive.