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― Bugerpant[[source]]

Bugerpant is a recurring minor character in TS!Underswap, who serves as the sole delivery boy for Grillby's Backyard Barbecue.



Bugerpant is a 19-year-old orange cat-monster who wears a food service employee uniform--consisting of a small hat, a red bowtie, a white shirt, and an apron with red and white stripes.


Bugerpant is a highly stressed-out food service employee who hates his job and his employers. He can be sarcastic at times, as shown when he is annoyed and dreams of being a actor. Despite this, he does show gratitude when Chara saves him from the Greasers. 

Main Story

Bugerpant started working at Grillby's as the delivery boy for each restaurant and the employee that assumes the responsibilities of absent staff as a way to find contacts that would help him become what he always wanted to be: an actor. Sadly, this didn't go as planned, as he found himself stuck there. But one day, he saw an opportunity to become an actor. Knowing Mettacrit was performing that day, Bugerpant thought that maybe he could convince Mettacrit to let him work with him. Luckily for Bugerpant, the day Mettacrit admitted one monster to join him in the stage, Bugerpant was chosen. But instead of getting help from Mettacrit, he instead mocked him calling him "Burger Boy" and making him play the role of "the delivery boy". After noticing what was going on, Bugerpant left, angry and broken knowing his idol was just a hack unlike in Undertale.

After Chara fell, Bugerpant was kidnapped by The Greasers because Aaxel wanted to make sure he wouldn't "flirt" with Flara anymore (even though Bugerpant never really flirted with her, despite having an attraction). In a Neutral or Pacifist Route Chara saves Bugerpant who invites them to Grillby's where he can tell them about his past, his relationships and why he ended up as the delivery boy for Grillby's.

He seems to be in a love triangle with Aaxel and Flara, causing him to come in conflict with the Greasers.



  • The name "Bugerpant" draws inspiration from a long-running inside joke among team members and friends of them. It involves an image of Burgerpants tweeted out by Toby Fox, which as part of the joke, is captioned with the words "im bugerpant." [1]
  • His contract with Grillby's Backyard Barbecue obligates him to say his name is Bugerpant. The exact reason why is unknown for the time being. [2]
  • He's the only delivery boy that works in every Grillby's Backyard Barbecue location.[3]