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Boreal Bluffs is the fourth major location of TS!Underswap.

It replaces Hotland from Undertale.

Main Story


This cold and desolate wasteland is home to the headquarters of Undying Robotics and Sir Scratchalot Music.


While not much is currently known about Boreal Bluffs, general details have been made public. The freezing climate of the area results in snow and ice-covered towering cliffs, which surround a freezing cold ocean.

There may be natural light phenomena in the area, much like real world auroras.



  • In late November 2019, the team decided to change its name from "Coldsea" to "Boreal Bluffs."[1]
    • "Coldsea" was a relic from the 2016-era UNDERSWAP--many of the locations were named as opposites of Undertale's ("Snowdin" and "Sunnedout," "Hotland" and "Coldsea," etc.).
    • The team had eventually decided to give the locations much more creative names ("Starlight Isles" and "Crystal Springs") that represent the geographical locations without being too simple.
    • "Boreal" refers to the "Aurora Borealis," hinting that natural light phenomena may occur in the area. "Bluffs" is another word for "cliffs," used due to the location's towering cliffs surrounding a freezing ocean.